Provide Better Telephone Customer Service to the American Public


Develop a Network of National Service Centers Under a Single 800 Number

Was a member of a 6-person consultant team engaged by the Board or Governors of the United States Postal Service to assist them, other executives and appropriate department heads with the development of a better network to provide telephone customer service to the American public. The system of calling one of the 33,000 local post offices to request information was not providing the services and customer satisfaction that was required.

Responsibilities were call center organizational and operational structure for headquarters and their strategically placed call centers, RFP development and selection of the technology and staffing solutions, agent training programs and facilities layout/design.

The result was the creation of the National Call Center Network for the United States Postal Service (handling over 1 million calls a week when the network was completed) the largest single Customer Service investment ever made by USPS. Under a single number (800-ASK-USPS) USPS was able to provide 24-hour/365 day-a-year customer access. The call center environment enabled them to have a measurable service level and trained agents that would have access to reliable and consistent information.

The average handle time for calls dropped from more than 6 minutes to about 90 seconds. USPS now meets and/or exceeds customer service quality standards and the system has become a model for government agencies and private companies alike.

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