EE and Associates is a results-driven information and communications technology consulting firm.

We provide organizations with transformative consulting services for both cloud- and premises-based IT, ensuring the right fit for your organization’s needs. 

At EE and Associates, we are experts in a wide range of current, legacy, and emerging technologies, with a unique ability to bring together disparate services, systems, and processes. We leverage expertise in digital transformation and emerging technologies, designing and procuring contemporary solutions – combining it with a solid underpinning in legacy technology integration. We understand your current systems by auditing and integrating installed telecom, while creating a road map that positions you to move forward as new technologies emerge. At EE and Associates, we ensure that all of your communications systems work together and your organization has the right technology in place to lead your industry.


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We offer IT consulting for single- and multi-location projects, including communications and information technology related construction projects. We have  extensive experience in needs analysis, RFP development, and procurement of cloud and premises based equipment and infrastructure, as well as post award project planning and managing day-to-day information technology operations, particularly in the high-tech, public agency, manufacturing, health care, transportation, and education fields. We leverage installed assets, layer in recommended new technologies, and prepare you for next-generation technologies.

At EE and Associates, we are masters at navigating disruption and empowering change.

EE and Associates and our consultants are members of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) and the Global Consultant Alliance.


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